Sunday, April 11, 2010

Blog Date 2010-04-11

It is what it is.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

28th day, 3rd month, 10th year, 21st century of The Nazz.

This date, dear bloggers, is more commonly called March 28, 2010, or 3-28-2010, or simply 3-28-10 for those of us who are over the Y2K trauma of ten years ago. Europeans put the day first (28-3-10) which makes more sense in the hierarchy of time by length of components. But if you want your computer to automatically file in correct chronological order, you have to put the year first (as in 2010-03-28).

And then there's that other problem: the first day of the month and the first month of the year are each called "1"; but the first year of the decade, first decade of the century and first century of the millennium are designated by the number "0" (and there is considerable disagreement about that)! The decade of zeros is over, and this is the first year ("0") of the second decade (the"10's") of the first century ("0" hundred) of the third millennium ("2" thousand), or if you like, the twenty-first century ("20" hundred) following that Nazarene guy's entry into our simple existence. Of course if you're a right-to-lifer type you might claim the count to have actually started nine months earlier when his mom had the unusual encounter with that rogue angel (no disrespect intended to right-to-lifers, his mom or the angel).

Hoo boy! What happens with smaller pieces of time? First seconds (already it's confusing) and first minutes are both called "0" like years/decades/centuries/millenniums, and first hours are called, well, "12". (Yeesh!)

So welcome to my blog. And if you want to know what time it is, let's just say it's almost the middle of the night, it's getting warmer some three moons after that last short cold day, a couple thousand of those short days since the Nazz was known to be stomping around.

Bob Pistilli